Emma O'Hara Vase
Emma O’Hara is a visual artist based in Cork City, Ireland. She graduated with a BA majoring in Printmaking in Contemporary Practice from the Limerick School of Art and Design (2016). O’Hara was awarded the Cork Printmakers 12-month Bursary (2016) where she has continued to hone & expand her visual practice.
She has exhibited in numerous National and International exhibitions and he work has been collected by a number of private and public collections including the OPW. Emma was also the recipient of the 2021 Arts Council Agility award. O’Hara’s most recent Solo exhibition “One who walks the clouds” took place in Hang Tough Contemporary in August 2021.


Hannah Lloyd

Hannah Lloyd is originally from the UK but has been based in Dublin since 2014. A self-taught artist and illustrator, Hannah’s work focuses on still life with recurring motifs of cats, plants, flowers, pottery, and interiors. Her recent paintings have been of arranged flowers, exploring how they represent an attempt to capture life and fix it in place for a time so we can admire it, even though we know the flowers won’t last long. In that way, flowers represent how we sometimes choose experience pleasure and seek beauty even in the face of death.

Hannah works in oils, acrylic, collage, and watercolour, and her media and methods are heavily influenced by the fact that she balances her practice with a young family and a career outside of her art.



Peter McAteer Print
Peter McAteer is a self-taught digital illustrator and tattoo artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Peter’s illustration work largely focuses on themes of queer love, sex, and romance. As a trans and queer person himself, he is drawn to creating scenes that depict tender, romantic, and intimate connections between queer and trans people, often inspired or influenced by music.

Peter runs a private tattoo studio based in North city Dublin where he also manages his online print store, you can find his illustration work on instagram at @pete.ey, and his tattoo work on @peat.eater.


Carl-Hickey Painting

Carl is a painter whose work portrays daily life and memories of life in Dublin’s suburbs. Carl’s work, though sometimes dark, carries a strikingly familiar, almost comforting tone for those who grew up on the outskirts of the capital.

While much of Irish contemporary art bears a feeling of escapism, Carl is not afraid to explore real everyday life in his work, which lends it it’s unique tone and captivating subject matter.



Hannah Ní Mhaonaigh painting

Hannah Ní Mhaonaigh is a Dublin based artist. In her practice, Ní Mhaonaigh creates expanded paintings by using oil & acrylic paint on various mediums including linen, chipboard shapes, found mahogany door frames and architectural wooden panels. This painting process involves removing, sanding back and building up layers of paint repeatedly to create abstract artworks that sit somewhere between painting and sculpture. Her playful use of materials enable colour, shape and texture to be the primary driver in her work. Her repetitive practice of overpainting/paring back leads to an intangible honesty and energy in the successful paintings. The ones that managed to make-it.

Her most recent shows include: Forum Atelier Now, Dublin, Summer Show, Grove Collective, London and will also has upcoming Solo Show in Garter Lane, Waterford next month along with work being exhibited in the RHA annual, Dublin 2021.


Ishmael Photo
Ishmael has been taking photographs for eight years. His work combines elements from his academic, personal and professional background in mathematics, art history, fine art installation and costume design. He weaves his influences — from Surrealism, Pop Art, Italian Futurist and Afro-Futurist movements — together to give unique form to his vision. This results in works that are both colourful and spiritual with surrealist undertones.

His images contain moments of harmony within conflicting compositional elements. He fuses new and old styles in his work and plays with layers of film and digital photography and printing.



Emer Kiely Print
Emer Kiely is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Cork. She has a degree in Visual Communications from Cork Institute of Technology, and currently works as a graphic designer. Her work is inspired by the world & people around her.

You can find out more at



Klo Wi is a muralist and illustrator, based in Dublin. Her work explores the human form through various mediums, from digital illustration to murals and street art. Her colourful expressions of characters are packed with personality and humour.